Swords Baptist Church exists to help people meet Jesus and become more like Him. 

swords baptist church

at the riasc centre


What you can expect to find on a typical Sunday at Swords Baptist Church...

Sunday morning celebration

This is a time when we gather together as a community to engage deeply with each other and with God, who broke into time and space in the person of Jesus. We worship together through song, prayer and taking time to understand what God is saying to us through the bible, so that we can journey well with Him and for Him. We meet every Sunday from 10.45 to 12.15 at the Riasc centre.

Creche & Preschool

This facility is open 20 minutes after the start of the Sunday morning celebration. It is a place for parents to leave their babies and preschoolers in the care of very capable volunteers for the remainder of the Sunday morning celebration.

Kids Zone

This is available to all primary school age children 20 minutes after the start of the Sunday morning celebration. The kids come together to sing and afterwards they are split into classes based on age to learn stories from the bible.


We meet together every Sunday to pray, taking time to speak with and hear from God. This is vital to life

the rest of the week

The rest of the week is full of other groups & organisations that meet for church family and the local community including:


Home Groups are an integral part of what we are as a church. They are an opportunity to meet in small groups (average size ten or so people), to get to know each other on a more meaningful level, to encourage and support each other and to study God’s Word together.


This is a group for people over 55, that meets together on a regular basis. Contact the office on 01 8902857 for more information.

Mothers & Toddlers

This meets Tuesday mornings 10.30am until 12 noon in the Creche at Riasc Centre. It offers support, fun and friendship for mums with babies and pre-school children. For more information Contact Hazel on 0868571011